Board of Studies

BoS Research Master

My name is Elian Griffioen and I started this year with the research master Methodology and Statistics for the Biomedical, Behavioural and Social Sciences. Before this master, I studied psychology and chemistry at Utrecht University. I liked it do think about and improve education and university, so I applied for the position of student member of the Board of Studies (BoS) of the research masters. I succeeded, so for the academic year 2016-2017, I am the student member of the BoS of the research masters. My goals are to improve the visibility of my work as student member and to get a more bottom-up approach for improving courses at the research masters. Moreover, I would like to help with the organization of events for master students.

The Board of Studies consists of the vice-dean of our faculty (prof. dr. Marcel van Aken), the programme coordinators of all research masters and the student member. Actual and futural topics, policies, strategic plans and events are discussed during several meetings in the academic year. In these discussions, I represent the student perspective and try to bring the opinion of students into the discussions. Since it is important to be well informed about this student perspective, I collaborate with the student representatives of each research master and with EC-members.

In addition to the input of the student via “De Inspraak”, I am also interested in the input of other students. I want my work to be visible, so if you have inspiring ideas, questions or issues to improve: just contact me at

BoS Academic Master/ MT Psychology

My name is Wietske Tinga, student of the academic master Social and Organisational Psychology. Before this master I studied Social Psychology and Organisational Psychology at the UU and conducted research at Stichting OER to tutoring at the UU. During the academic year 2016-2017 I will be the Management Team-member for the Psychology master programmes and at the same time I will be the student member of the Board of Studies of the academic master graduate school (BoS AcMa GS). This year I would like to contribute to the quality of not only my own education but also the other master programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

As a student member of the Management Team I will represent the master students of Psychology. The Management Team decides on the policy of the study programme. I will be the first master student that will take place in the meetings. Together with teachers I will discuss the quality, organization, and policy of the education. My job is to look critically at the issues discussed here, and represent the voice of the student.

My job as student member of the Board of Studies of the AcMa GS will be similar. Only here I will represent the students of all the different master programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Instead of meetings with teachers, here I will meet with master directors and discuss transcending policy documents. To prepare well for this meetings I collaborate with members of the OLC.

Besides the input of the other students in ‘De Inspraak’, your input as a student is very welcome! Do you have tips, questions, complaints or comments about the quality of your education? Don’t hesitate and contact me at .


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