Hello! We represent the MERM (Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism) master students as members of the Program Advisory Committee (PAC).

From left to right: Elisavet Thravalou, Stefanie Sprong, Gijs Ybema & Minna Ala-Mantila.pac-picture-merm-2016-2017

MERM is represented by four students, two from the first-year and two from the second year. Elisavet and Stefanie are first year MERM students. Elisavet studied Psychology in Athens, Greece and participated in youth international projects. Her ambition is to motivate students to suggest new ideas for improvements. Stefanie is from the Netherlands and she received her bachelor’s degree from University College Utrecht where she majored in history & politics. As a student representative she hopes to improve the overall quality of the master’s program. Gijs and Minna are second year MERM students. Gijs is from the Netherlands and has done the bachelor programme in Sociology at UU. As a PAC-member, he wants to be a bridge between the students and staff. Minna is from Finland and has done her bachelor’s degree in International Development studies at the University of Helsinki. As a PAC-member she wants to make sure that the program is also suited for the needs of international students.

Our role as student members of the PAC is to represent all the students in the MERM programme by asking them for feedback, listening to the problems they encounter and trying to find solutions. By listening to our fellow students we try to find ways to improve the education. We are the connection between the students and the staff, and will always take the feedback of our fellow students into account in our meetings with the staff members. Furthermore, we will discuss things that regard all the Research Master programs in general meetings with the PAC members of the other programmes.

For any questions or comments, please contact us in the following e-mail addresses:

Elisavet Thravalou:

Stefanie Sprong:   

Gijs Ybema:             

Minna Ala-Mantila:

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