Hi! We (Rune Poortvliet-Left, Nicolás Pérez-Right) represent the MSBBSS (Methodology and Statistics for the Biomedical, Behavioural and Social Sciences) master students as active members of the Program Advisory Committee (PAC).nicolas-and-rune

What is our job? Our role as student members of the PAC is to represent all the students in our programme by listening to their problems and suggestions for improvement, communicating these to the master’s staff, and in close collaboration with both students and staff swiftly finding ways to solve these problems and improve the programme further. We also provide useful information to the Board of Studies (BoS) about issues within our master that may be relevant to other masters as well, taking into account feedback we receive from our masters’ students.

Who are we? Nicolás is a first-year student of the MSBBSS master. Nicolás comes from Colombia and he has a background in Industrial Engineering and Applied Statistics. Amongst his interests, he’s looking forward to provide useful information from a different view of the program, specifically from his international scope. With this in mind, he aims to help with the internationalization of the programme and its constant improvement. Rune is a second-year MSBBSS student. She followed a Liberal Arts and Sciences programme in Maastricht as bachelor, and combines the MSBBSS programme with the research master Social and Health Psychology. Given that she and her peers are now in the thesis-phase of the master, one of her main aims is to ensure that despite the independent nature of the second year the second-years still remain well-represented and in touch with each other to both get the necessary help from the faculty staff and help from each other to make their last year a success.

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