Hi! We are Agata (left) and Inga (right) and we are the SaSR student representatives. It is our job to represent SaSR students to the university by reading evaluation forms, listening to students’ concerns, and discussing this feedback and possible solutions with staff members in PAC meetings.

About Inga

My name is Inga Steinberg, and I am the first year SaSR student representative. I am German but grew up in Britain, where my family still lives. Before coming to Utrecht University to study Sociology and Social Research, I obtained a BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences, majoring in Policy Science at Leiden University College in The Hague.

I care greatly about my studies and want to ensure that my masters programme is the best it can be. This is why I applied to be a student representative; as a PAC member, I want to make sure that all the concerns of my fellow SaSR students are passed on to the approprpac-sasriate bodies in order to be able to improve the masters programme both for my year group and for future students. I really appreciate that the university has this feedback system and truly listens to its students.

About Agata

My name is Agata Troost and I’m the second year PAC representative. I have graduated from University College Utrecht with a major in social science (finished tracks: sociology, political science and human geography). Until the end of my high school, I have lived in the fascinating city of Warsaw, Poland, and during my bachelor studies I did a semester abroad in the US (at the University of California, Los Angeles). Now Utrecht is my home, and Utrecht University the academic community I want to play an active role in.

I think SaSR is a great programme, which can be even greater if we take into account the experiences and suggestions of its students. I see our work in PAC as defending students’ interest in that complicated intersection of various visions and influences forming university politics. Personally, I’m concerned about the workload, evaluation methods and the quality of internationalisation on the level of specific courses.

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