Hi all, we Rutmer (left) and Marian (right) we will be representing the students from the researchmaster Educational Science: Learning in interaction (EdSci). As student representatives we will advise the Board of Studies about the teaching programs, the Education and Examination Regulation, the programs quality assurance plan, and other educational affairs.

Rutmer is a first year student of EdSci and hpac-edsci-2as a background in teaching. He finished the Academic Teacher Education Programme for Primary Education (ALPO) last year and is now looking for ways to improve his research skills. He already conducted research into self regulated learning for his bachelor thesis and currently looks into ways to improve word problems in mathematics education.

Marian is a second year student of EdSci. After several years of working in the youth care she wanted to make a shift towards education and research. Last year she was a student member of the educational committee. She thinks it is important to be engaged in your education and contribute to improvements for future students.

If you have feedback on the way education is organized in EdSci, or if you have feedback you think we need to pass on to the relevant parties, feel free to contact us.

Rutmer Ebbes(

Marian Ooms (

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